The beginning

My father has always been a beekeeper. I could learn everything from him: honesty, humanity, the toughness of the work but also loving it and wanting to trust people. He was the one who showed me the beauty of beekeeping, a perfect world; the one that we would love to have for ourselves. He pointed out that how these perfect creatures are able to renew over and over again, how they can build their own world. If we slow down a little in the rhythm of our own life, then we will always have time to notice the wonders around us, to live joyful moments and appreciate the beauties of the nature.

I am Barna Nagy, the co-founder of Joy by Honey. I set the goal that if the nature already creates such a miracle like honey, I should deliver it to people.

I believe we can achieve really great success working as a team, which is why we write the story of Joy by Honey as a family business, with my wife, Aniko, and my sister-in-law, Marian.

Our mission

Replace sugar with honey

We are opening up new perspectives on honey to people and proving that honey is more, tastier and more stylish than they have ever known.

Our Team

Major Marianna

Chief of Marketing, CEO

Nagyné Major Anikó

Sales Manager

Nagy Barna

Beekeeper, CEO