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Honey Specialties

Five kind flavours

Our offer includes raspberry, cinnamon, orange, salted caramel and mint honeys, so Joy by Honey
products are also consumed with admiration by those who have not liked traditional honeys before.

Four types of packaging

Joy by Honey products are available in 12-gram practical sticks, 130- and 200-gram glass jars, and a
three-piece honey flavour harmony selection.

Why is special?

An important part of life is to sweeten the moment. But it does matter with what we do it. Honey, the most natural sweetener in the world, is full of vitamins, it has uncountable beneficent effects, but it is free of any kinds of preservatives and additives.

This is why we took the best quality of acacia honey and twisted it a little bit. We paired it with such new tastes that harmonize perfectly with honey; thus, opening new perspectives in honey consumption. We consciously created a taste palette that would suit to every part of the day. Let it be a day starter coffee, a refreshing lemonade, a hot cup of tea or an evening cocoa.

Why the Joy by Honey?

New tastes

We have created taste harmonies using 100% acacia honey that are enjoyed by both those who already love honey and those who have previously thought honey is not for them.

New experiences

Honey is the most natural sweetener in the world. It is full of vitamins, but unlike sugar and sweeteners, it is free of all kinds of preservatives and additives. It also has a number of beneficial effects on the human body.

New habits

With our flavoured honeys, we are reforming the world of coffees, teas and soft drinks, as we conjure unprecedented flavours into cups and glasses.

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